Works on paper > Mixed media paper weavings

My mixed media weavings are responses to a specific place and time, reflecting the color and feeling of an experience I have had. They are often influenced by nature and the seasons. I create individual paintings which I then rip apart and weave back together in a new order. After the weaving is completed, I often draw over the work to create another layer of imagery, and add found objects discovered in the places that influence the work.

India ink, watercolor & pen
28" x 36"
Watercolor & ink
23" x 25'
Drop of dew
Watercolor & ink
18" x 23"
Snow shadow
India ink & powdered pigments
24" x 22.5"
Tidal dance
Watercolor, ink & witeout
25" x 20"
Sundown in August
Watercolor & ink
23" x 23"
7:15pm, North Truro (Sunset song)
Watercolor & ink
20" x 18"
Cellwalk #2
Watercolor & ink
18" x 23.5"
Watercolor & ink
18" x 18"